Account to Account Transfer

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Account to Account Transfer

Have you ever wished you could transfer money between an account that you have at another institution and your Credit Union account without writing a check and driving all over town?

You can now set up Account to Account transfers online!  This will allow you to transfer funds between Illinois Community Credit Union and another financial institution, all through our web site.

Steps to Set Up an Account to Account Transfer:

1. Sign in to your account via Online Access.
2. You must set up the external account (account that you will be transferring to/from). Click on the Bank IT tab. Click on Account to Account Transfers. Click on Manage Accounts and then click on Add New Account.
3. Once you complete step # 2, Virtual Branch will make two small deposits and one small withdrawal to the external account. The member will then need to check their outside institution to determine the amounts of the two deposits and the one withdrawal. (Note: The net of the two deposits and one withdrawal will equal $0.00).
4. You will then need to sign in to Online Access, click on the Bank IT tab, click on Account To Account Transfers, then click on Manage Accounts, and enter the amounts of the deposits and withdrawal. Assuming the three amounts that the member just entered are correct, the outside account is confirmed and the member should be able to setup an Account To Account transfer by clicking on Schedule Transfer under the Account To Account link.

Please contact any ICCU location if you need assistance!

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