Bill Payment

As a member owned, non-profit financial institution, we have a competitive advantage over for-profit institutions.  We do not have to make a profit to return to stockholders!  In addition, we are exempt from income taxes, like all non-profit cooperatives. As a result we are able to offer unlimited online BillPay Free of charge to our members!

With free online BillPay, you'll save money and get back the one thing most of us need more of...time!

Free online BillPay gives you the advantage of secure and around-the-clock payment capabilities that are easier and less expensive than writing paper checks. Pay your bills in minutes...and enjoy life.


  • Pay anyone and any company in the US
  • View & track payments all in one site
  • Make one time or recurring payments
  • Enjoy unlimited number of payments per month
  • Payments can be received within 2 business days
  • Avoid late fees and mailing delays
  • 12 months of payment history

Additional Benefits

  • The ability to receive electronic versions of bills from payees (optional)
  • Due date notification
  • Set up email alerts when bills have been received, paid, or missing
  • Specify start and ending date for recurring payments
  • Payees can be categorized by type (credit card, auto, house, etc.) and sorted for easy budgeting
  • Totals are presented at the end of pending payments section
  • Modify existing recurring payments
  • View the date when payment was cleared by the payee
  • Payments can be processed the same day if scheduled before 6:00 pm
  • Easy enrollment process. Use BillPay immediately once the application has been processed


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