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Our membership is community based, so anyone who lives or works within 25 miles of one of our branches is able to join. Relatives of ICCU members can also join the credit union. Once you become an ICCU member, you can remain a member--no matter where you live or work.

To join is easy. Simply...

  1. Print the membership application
  2. Complete the required information
  3. Return the completed form to your nearest branch office.

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DeKalb Branch

1500 Barber Greene Road
DeKalb, IL 60115
Phone (815) 895-4541
Fax (815) 754-7455

Plano Branch

6 W. Main Street
Plano, IL 60545
Phone (630) 552-8189
Fax (630) 552-8433

Sycamore Branch

508 W. State Street
Sycamore, IL 60178
Phone (815) 895-4541
Fax (815) 895-9925


Consider these distinct advantages to becoming a member:

  1. Low minimum balances. Credit unions generally require a very modest minimum balance to open an account. As little as $25 is all it takes to join ICCU and start accessing its services.
  2. Better rates of return on savings. Credit unions provide higher interest rates on basic savings (share) accounts, interest-bearing checking accounts, and CDs.
  3. No- or low-fee checking accounts and ATMs. Many Americans spend hundreds of dollars a year on checking account fees, often because they can't meet minimum balance requirements. Credit unions give their members a break by assessing no fee or a much more modest fee than typically charged by large banks. Credit unions also have lower ATM charges.
  4. Lower interest rates on credit cards and loans. This may be the biggest advantage to young families who are just getting started and need to stretch their dollars as much as possible. From credit cards to car loans, credit unions consistently offer lower rates, better terms and lower fees. DataTrac, a national interest rate-tracking service, finds that rates on car loans offered by credit unions average 1.5 to 2.0 percent lower than banks.
  5. Accounts insured by the U.S. government. Credit union accounts are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund.
  6. Credit score enhancement. Credit unions know that it is sometimes difficult for families to meet their obligations, so they have established extensive programs to help their members get back on their feet.
  7. A voice in your credit union's operations. As a member-owner of ICCU, you are entitled to vote on credit union business and elect new board members. You can also serve on your credit union's volunteer board or one of its committees.
  8. Once a member, always a member. As long as you maintain an account, you will always be a member of your credit union. Most credit unions today offer any number of services online or by telephone, so convenience is maintained.
  9. Community outreach and service. Among the many special services credit unions provide are financial counseling, first-time loans to members with credit problems, and low-cost alternatives to check cashers and payday lenders.

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